Parking Lot Offenders

Matthew 5:44(NIV) But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you,

It’s not that I’m really all that protective of the car itself. After all it’s an older high mileage vehicle that’s fairly well-worn inside and out. I just like to make it easy to get in and out and less likely to bump someone’s car with our doors. I like the same consideration from others too.

So I have these parking lot strategies I live by. I usually pull through so I can avoid backing up with the risk of bumping into another vehicle. I always park far enough out that I can have empty spaces on both sides of my car making it more convenient to load my purchases and get my kids in and out of the car without giving someone a door ding.

The other day I was picking my daughter up at day care and my plan backfired. I always park on the end next to the handicap spot and I usually edge over a few inches. Stepping out of the car I proudly admired the wide margin I had left for myself.

The door to the daycare had hardly slammed shut when I gasped at what I saw – a car parked up against my driver side making it impossible to enter from that side. I frowned, thinking to myself, “Two rows of empty spots and some inconsiderate Bozo blocks me in.” Admittedly my thoughts were less than kind.

I remembered being challenged once to use these kinds of annoyances as opportunities to pray for those who offend us. So I did just that – right after I confessed those vengeful thoughts.

Today’s verse challenges us to pray for our enemies and those who persecute us. I supposed it could apply to inconsiderate people too and we never know what someone else’s day has been like or what might be distracting them from giving consideration.


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