Fear of Inoculations and the Absolute Free Gift

An Excerpt from Shotgun Rider
By K. Douglas Brown

Every child who is going to the doctor has one question on their mind, am I going to get a shot? I remember as a kid dreading for days before a doctor visit the possibility of getting a shot. Around third grade there was a notice sent home stating that the school would be administering the polio vaccination a few weeks later. The thought consumed me for days. I shuddered at the thought of getting a shot and every kid in school was talking about the horrors of what was coming.

On the day of the vaccination we were herded into the gym, fearful and in silence where we saw the white fabric covered divider. We were sure that behind that divider was where all of our anxiety would culminate. Every child was wondering how big that needle was going to be. As my turn came, and I made my way around the divider, I saw a nurse with an eye dropper placing drops in the mouths of my classmates. It wasn’t a shot at all but a simple drop on the tongue and it didn’t even taste that bad. I was almost disappointed for having worked myself into a frenzy over a simple drop.

I’m sad for my own kids because what used to be a few inoculations have become numerous vaccinations, it seems like my kids are constantly being stuck with a needle. To make matters worse several of these shots require one or more subsequent boosters. What does a booster do? It’s an extra dose of a vaccine after a previous dose to help it along.

Christ’s work on the cross is sufficient for our salvation. There is no need of a booster. This work does not require any help on our part to have its full saving effect. I might take this even a step further and state that thinking that Christ’s work requires a booster brings into question what it was that was being depended upon in the first place. If you think His work needs your assistance then the completeness of what was done for you has been misunderstood.

This all brings us to the inevitable conclusion that the work of grace was so complete for our salvation because of the person who did the work. It is Jesus Christ, the Son of God, the second person of the Trinity, on whom our salvation fully rests. There couldn’t be, nor would there be, any further foundation work done. The plan is perfect because of the perfect One behind it. I’ve always said that if my salvation depends on me in any way I’m in big trouble. What could I possibly have that would be of any value in light of the fact that Jesus, the Second Person of the Trinity who died in my place?

2 Corinthians 5:21 (NIV)
God made him who had no sin to be sin for us, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God.


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