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3 Things American Evangelicals Don’t Know About American Evangelicalism

It had been an incredible adventure complete with all the ingredients of a good short-term mission trip; a good case of Montezuma’s, a unique view of the pointy end of an AK47 rifle as a nice policeman and his comrades tried to rob us, and to top it all off, a scuffle with a truck load of soldiers who had

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Corruption in the Church: 4 Motivations for God Allowing it

It’s surprising sometimes that abuse and corruption finds its way right inside the church. I’m embarrassed that people outside the church see these things and make the assumption that all Christians are abusing, cheating thieves. I hate that! Do you ever wonder why God doesn’t sweep in and zap these abusers like he did Ananias and Sapphira. They fell dead

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4 Reasons I Bring my Kids to the Church Office and why you Should too

Summer is almost upon us and for many church leaders this means more “Bring your Kids to Work” days. I always loved these more relaxed summer days at the office. Unfortunately not everyone has the same feeling about the presence of children at the church office during business hours. Some may see this as a distraction from a leader’s more

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