The Cardinal Element calls for a long awaited course correction for the church. Straight forward and authentic, this is a book I’ve waited for. – Kevin Leman, New York Times Bestselling Author of The Birth Order Book, The Way of the Shepherd, and The Way of the Wise


 …clear and compelling: It’s indispensable. K Douglas Brown…a trustworthy, seasoned guide… – Mark Hitchcock, Author, Senior Pastor, Associate Professor of Bible Exposition, Dallas Theological Seminary


…an easy reader on leadership. Everyone in leadership needs this helpful reminder. – Michael Lawson, Author, Senior Professor, Dallas Theological Seminary


…an honest look at the human dynamics that compromise the mission of the church. – Michelle Bengtson, Author of Hope Prevails, and Breaking Anxiety’s Grip

K Douglas Brown asks, “Why is it that we begin the Christian life in an act of trust and then proceed as if the rest depends on us?” The Cardinal Element is a hope-filled biblical call to reflect a trustworthy God in the way we interact with others and lead in Christian ministry. Trust is a cardinal element for a functional church. Too often it’s found lacking. In The Cardinal Element K. Douglas Brown offers a practical and passionate call to consider how the church can best reflect the true nature and character of Christ to the world when it promotes trust from within.





I have never read anything more helpful than Shotgun Rider: Restoring Your Passion for the Ministry Trail. I highly recommend it! – Gary Chapman, Ph.D.Author of The Five Love Languages

Shotgun Rider will challenge you to embrace your role. A much-needed book, written by someone who has succeeded at living out these principles. – Mark Jobe, President, Moody Bible Institute, lead pastor of New Life Community Church, Chicago; author of Unstuck: Out of your Cave into Your Call

Shotgun Rider packs a big punch! Crammed full of great stories, insight, and wisdom. Share the word; Shotgun Rider is a GREAT read! – Kurt Johnston, Pastor to Students, Saddleback Church

Shotgun Rider is for every church leader who’s not in the driver’s seat. Though the ministry ride begins with a spiritual and emotional high riders soon discover there are valleys as well. Shotgun Rider is about thriving, about being a peace in the 2nd seat (or the 42nd seat).

With an honest and sometimes raw look at the state of ministry life K Douglas Brown helps riders find their way back, guiding them in rediscovering a love and passion for the ride. Shotgun Rider is chock full of how-to advice for handling conflict from the seemingly smallest concerns to the greatest issues of staff and church division.

K. Douglas Brown takes a raw look at leadership failures and even walks through his experience of getting fired. With keen insight, he shows how to invite God’s heart into conflict. Shotgun Rider challenges riders to own the great commission as their impassioned plea to lead them, love them, and build them. It makes plain the need for personal maintenance setting riders up for successful long-term ministry.