6 Must Read Books for Church and leadership Crisis

One of the questions I want to ask when I get to heaven is why God allowed me to go through several ministry crisis situations. In the heat of the moment it always seemed like a diversion, a detour from his greater work. Looking back I’m somewhat surprised that my faith made it through intact and maybe even in that there’s a partial answer to my question. I can see now how God used these apparent detours to shape and mold me for greater, more robust service.

I’ve been amazed, and even dumbfounded, more than once at the God-moments in the midst of these crises. Sometimes he sent people my way who encouraged me at just the right moment. At other times God provided resources in book form. The following is a list of those books. They will give you godly wisdom and guidance in the midst of your struggle. You will notice that one of them is my own and I humbly and shamelessly offer it to you. It’s a culmination of God’s work in my life through a significant ministry crisis that began just one month after 9/11. I always say that as our country was reeling after 9/11 I was experiencing my own ministry 10/11.

My prayer is that you’ll come out on the other side of your experience with your faith intact and a restored hope in God’s work through the church. Some of these resources will help when reconciliation is possible, others will cause you to recognize what healthy leadership should look like and still others will help when a situation is beyond restoration. So here’s the list:

  1. The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership by @JohnCMaxwell, @NelsonBooks
  2. The Subtle Power of Spiritual Abuse by Johnson and Van Vonderen, @bethany_house
  3. A Tale of Three Kings by Gene Edwards, @TyndaleHouse
  4. Well-Intentioned Dragons by Marshall Shelley,
  5. The High Cost of High Control by @TimKimmel, @Family_Matters
  6. Shotgun Rider: Restoring Your Passion for the Ministry Trail, by @kdouglasbrown, @DeepRiverBooks


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