4 Reasons I Bring my Kids to the Church Office and why you Should too

Summer is almost upon us and for many church leaders this means more “Bring your Kids to Work” days. I always loved these more relaxed summer days at the office. Unfortunately not everyone has the same feeling about the presence of children at the church office during business hours. Some may see this as a distraction from a leader’s more important work.

I once worked at a large church where staff members were discouraged from bringing children into the office. Some thought their presence set off a vibe of unprofessionalism that was displeasing to folks coming to the office. I disagree with that sentiment wholeheartedly and I think Jesus does too.

Don’t misinterpret what I’m saying here. Certainly there are times when people come into the office in crisis mode. There are circumstances where a certain level of privacy is warranted. This doesn’t have to be a deal breaker though and with a little coaching young ones can learn when to head to the playground or another part of the building.

Yes, there is the need for sensitivity, but generally I think having children around the office and the church occassionally is healthy and even beneficial for your church. Here’s why I think you should reconsider your stance and bring your kids to the office with you.

1. The presence of children screams the message that our church, and this pastor in particular, cares about families and kids.

If we encourage the presence of kids around the office we’ll let others know that we don’t have that outdated, “Seen and not heard,” attitude. We want families to know that this is a church where children can be seen and heard. [bctt tweet=”We want families to know that this is a church where children can be seen and heard” =””] When church members see our kids with us it shows that children are important to us. They matter and not just when programs are rolling and volunteers are on the scene but even when they aren’t.

2. When my kids are with me around the church it tells others that I’m not too busy or too important to be with them.

I want to shout it from the roof tops! I’m a family man and I want others to know I’m not only their pastor but I’m a regular guy with a normal family. One of the side benefits of this is that it becomes an example for our people that they too need to uphold the value of children. Luke 6:40 teaches us that, “When a student is fully taught he will be like the teacher.” The flock will become like those who shepherd them so if we want our people to value children then we’ll need to be the example.

3. Having our children around the office shows that we’re the kind of leaders that care about the least of these. (Mt. 25:40)

Once while at a restaurant for lunch with my family a group at the table next to ours had finished up and was leaving. As they walked by our table one of the women inadvertently kicked the leg of the highchair my youngest was sitting in and gave him quite a jolt. The woman was already beginning her apology as she turned back in our direction. Seeing that the victim of her clumsiness was a child, she halted her apology mid-sentence saying, “Oh, it’s only a child” and continued toward the door. No! I thought. This isn’t ONLY a child, but a person with the same value as an adult. When we bring our children into the office it demonstrates that we see them as people too. It shows that we believe in the value and personhood of all, not just adults.

4. Finally having kids around the office gives us an opportunity to remind others that children are the church of tomorrow.

You’ve heard it said that any church that doesn’t invest in kids won’t be around for long.

These children will be the church when we’re gone so they aren’t little nuisances but leaders in training. If you want your church to thrive into the future then make it as accessible as possible to kids and start with your own tribe.


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